What We Do

We sell and install, Cambria Quartz, granite and marble counter tops.

We often get asked of the difference between quartz, and granite. So we will take this space to educate, and hopefully save you some time in your decision process.

Granite, being a natural stone, is porous. Being so, requires periodic sealing to alleviate moisture intake and possible staining. Particularly with the lighter colors. We recommend resealing when you notice the liquid, not beading up as when the sealer was initially applied. Granite is also priced in tiers, meaning, your color selection will determine the price per square foot. We have two edges available for no additional cost.

Cambria Natural Quartz, on the other hand, is a man made American product, that is not porous and does not require sealing, Cambria is also not priced in tiers. Meaning that for our stock Cambria colors, there is no price difference. With Cambria only, we offer 4 different edges for no additional charge to you.

Soap & water cleanup and heat resistance are similar for both materials. Upon request, we can supply a trivet in your color if you prefer.

In almost fifteen years of service, our Cambria outsells our granite by a margin of greater than ten to one.