There are numerous quartz manufacturers in existence today. Although we have access to all, we have chosen to primarily concentrate on one. The reasons for that are numerous, which we will detail below.

Granite is priced in tiers, by the particular color. All quartz manufacturers do this as well. Cambria’s color selection is far wider than any of their competitors. It doesn’t stop there however. The finish, the appearance, the sheen, are all, also, in our opinion, far better than the rest.

It doesn’t stop there either. Because quartz is easier on our CNC tooling than granite, you have two additional edge selections available for no extra charge. You have you choice of our standard T edge, the half bullnose, the full bullnose, as well as our 2 centimeter Ogee edge. this is an Appalachian Tops exclusive.
On a final, but no less important note. All of the quartz suppliers manufacture their products outside the U.S. All of them except one. Yes friends, that lone provider would be Cambria. Made in the state of Minnesota.