Quality Matters

During these uncertain times it’s difficult to tell value from a cheap price. That is why we at Appalachian Tops strive to bring you the very best in quality granite and quartz. Below we have prepared some charts. The first details the true difference between their cheap price vs. what you receive with our value added products, and what the true cost difference really is.

true value

This second chart details what you get for your eleven cents a day. What the differences are, specifically between Appalachian Tops, and the others. Examined, point by point, we far out value what our competition has to offer. At each and every step along the way, Appalachian Tops simply cannot be surpassed.

10 points of value pg 1

10 points of value pg 2

So please, give us a call today, and let us explore with you why, whether your interest is in Cambria quartz or granite, your dollar is far more efficiently spent with Appalachian Tops than with any other countertop supplier.