Appalachian Tops is Lee Martin and Dell Neighbours, a partnership in the Cambria Quartz, granite and marble countertop industry for 20 years. Located in Blairsville, Georgia, we are the customer service leaders in Cambria quartz. We serve any location within a twenty five mile radius in the north Georgia and western North Carolina areas.

Look through our pages, and examine  detail by detail, why we are so unique. From the quality of our stone, to the condition in which we leave your project, and every step along the way. We at Appalachian Tops set ourselves apart from our competition. We’re well aware of our local competitions’ methodologies, we’ve installed for most all of them. When they sought above average installations, they called us here at Appalachian Tops.

If you’re planning a new installation, we can assist with your initial designs. If you’re remodeling, we can give you an exact square footage quote without disturbing your existing installation in any way. Further, we can remove, and install your new counter tops, arrange for plumbing services, all in a single day, never leaving you without a working kitchen or bathroom. For a no-fee, no obligation, quote for your next project, contact us today.

We are fully mobile & honored to serve you at your location. A simple call or text to us with your drawings or address & we are happy to bring to you samples of what we have to offer.